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Welcome to the official iPhone Dev Team information portal. The information, statements, articles, and releases here are official. They have the approval of the combined Dev/Elite teams.

The goal of this portal is to eliminate the confusion about Dev Team progress. This is not a blog or a forum and it's not editable by the world. The goal is to have an accurate, useful and concise information portal about Dev Team progress.

This site and its contents are in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or supported by Apple Inc.

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QuickPwn Announcement August, 18, 2008
PwnageTool 2.0 Announcement July, 26, 2008
XPwn 0.3 Announcement July, 26, 2008
XPwn Announcement (Updated) May 17, 2008
Food? May 12, 2008
PwnageTool 1.1 Announcement April 14, 2008
WiFi Fix Announcement April 3, 2008
BootNeuter Guide April 3, 2008
Pwnage 1.0 Released April 3, 2008
Pwnage Tool Delayed March 30, 2008
Pwnage Presentation in Moscow March 29, 2008
Pwnage in the News (pdf) March 13, 2008
Dual Boot your iPhone (jailbreak!) March 12, 2008
What have we here? March 11, 2008
Project Pwnage March 7, 2008
iPhone Unleashed Februrary 29, 2008
0wnage? (signed firmware) February 27, 2008
Project Jerry Feburary 7, 2008
  • Our congratulations to geohot, who has found the first software exploit for the 4.6 bootloader. We may not agree on many things, but we certainly respect his skills.

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You can find us in #ios on the osx86 network at irc://iphun.osx86.hu

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