Pwnage Project

Well, Apple has had their turn, impressive work on SDK! And now it's ours…

What is Pwnage?

Pwnage is based on an exploit found in the lower levels of the iPhone/iTouch bootloader. We can now “pwn” Apple by patching the device to allow unsigned code. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

Once your iPhone/iTouch has been “pwned”, you can do things like installing custom made .ipsw files - straight from iTunes!

For a more technical explanation please visit Pwnage page.

iPwner and IPSW Builder

We are going to release two tools as part of Pwnage project.

  • iPwner - tool to make your iPhone/iTouch “pwned”. You will have to use this tool just once1).
  • IPSW Builder - by using this tool you will be able to modify the .ipsw filesystem, i.e. pre-jailbreak, pre-unlock, pre-activate, and create a complete custom .ipsw installation. In case you are already unlocked you can even tell it to disable the baseband update, just in case. Restore or Update from iTunes with custom .ipsw file and Voila! no more hassles after that.

Both tools are undergoing intensive developing and soon will be ready for public consumption.

Common questions

  • Why?
    • There is no easier or faster way to jailbreak/activate/unlock than to get iTunes to do it for you during what it thinks is a normal update.
  • Does it work on 1.2.0?
    • Yes. In fact it's the only way to jailbreak 1.2.0 and beyond, since Apple fixed the ramdisk hole.
  • Is it reversible?
    • Yes, every part of pwnage is easily reversible simply by restoring to an official Apple ipsw instead of your custom ones.
  • Can Apple close this hole?
    • Please visit the technical Pwnage page to see how the entire chain of trust in the boot process has been compromised.

1) if you eventually restore with the stock .ipsw file you will lose your “pwned” state.
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