May 4th, 2008 (Updated January 30, 2009)

The iPhone Dev Team announces the availability of “XPwn”, a fast Linux cross-platform command-line pwnage utility that is a preview of a cross-platform pwnage library currently finishing development. XPwn includes the core functionality of the Mac PwnageTool in a flexible command-line utility for Linux hackers, enabling you to pwn your iPhone on more platforms than ever before.

However, the main significance of XPwn is the underlying library, which is a cross-platform implementation of many of the proprietary Apple containers and formats that are present in iPhone/iPod touch firmware packages. These include: Img2, 8900, complzss and iBootIm. Also included is a library that is capable of extracting, altering, and creating Apple .dmg files (an undocumented format) and HFS+/HFSX (the native filesystem of Mac OS X and the iPhone) without the aid of hdiutil or other Mac-only utilities. The dmg/hfs+ XPwn libraries have already been incorporated into the recently released WinPwn beta 2 (an independent work by cmw). The Dev Team hopes that these libraries will be helpful to the development community in exploiting pwnage.

UPDATE (5/17): The library is not fully polished yet, but early sources are available here:

The Linux and Windows binaries below are automatically generated every night from the latest source revision. The Mac version will lag behind unless somebody wants to donate space on a OS X machine that can run a cron job every night.

Linux binaries: (x86), (x64)

Mac binaries:

Windows binaries: (for the ramdisk utility, libusb-win32-filter is required. Vitally important note for Vista users)

Happy hacking!

Current Version: 0.5.6

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