MOSCOW, Russia, March 29, 2008

Today key members of “The iPhone DevTeam” demonstrated the long-awaited software application “Pwnage Tool”. The demonstration took place at the iPhone 3.0 party which brought together hundreds of iPhone hardware and software enthusiasts.

The tool also ships with an iPhone application that is automatically installed and run on first boot (if the user requests it) that is called “BootNeuter”, This will enable “Bootneutering” of the iPhone baseband allowing custom firmware to be installed. Arbitrary secpacks and fls files will be accepted when the device is in this state, please refer to the application help file for specific information.

If the user has access to developer versions of the iPhone software (such as 1.2 or 2.0) provisions have been made to support this software and allow it to be used on any device. This will be useful for legitimate SDK trialists to install their software on more than one device, this should not be used unless you are an official member of the SDK programme.

High quality videos of the presentation given today are available in both English and Russian


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