Project Jerry

The combined iPhone Dev and Elite teams introduce today their new champion in the cat and mouse game, Project Jerry

Project Jerry is our almost software unlocking solution for 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 OOTB iPhones (and even more ! but let's keep a few surprises)

Almost? Jerry is a Mighty Mouse ©, but it still needs some help - we're currently working hard to either get rid of that requirement, or make it as cheap as possible.

Expect a release in the coming month - we wanted to make this announcement early considering the recent unfortunate events – parts of Jerry might be already out and turned into a costly unlocking solution. We're, of course, fully against that and will do our best to make sure our fun hacks aren't used for profit.

As always, stay tuned

iPhone Dev/Elite Jerry team

chris, davidc, dinopio, ghost000, gray, MuscleNerd, netkas, w___, Zf


The recent leak of an internal dev document about jerry has now given the upper hand to Chinese simcard resellers, with whom the leaker has been colluding (for his usual reason of seeking fame and glory).

The combined iPhone Dev and Elite Teams would like to thank our booted, leaking ex-member for exposing us – as a team working for you with reasonable plannings. (Read the leaked document to see for yourself.)

Since this whole game is not about blogs, drama, personal glory, money and more drama, but about hacking that fracking device and sharing the results in a responsible way, be assured release will be accomplished as planned (with possible delays to prevent simcard profiteering, you know who to blame for that)

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