These are the relocations and clears done early in the bootrom flow (with code starting at 0x401010). To do a “reloc” within IDA, you can use File→Load file→Additional binary file.

ROM:00405354 These areas get copied (if From!=To and if Len!=0)
ROM:00405354                           From         To        Len
ROM:00405354 RELOCS          DCD          0,         0,         0
ROM:00405354                 DCD   0x405518,   0x20000,      0xDC
ROM:00405354                 DCD   0x4055F4,0x30000000,    0x1E7C
ROM:00405354                 DCD   0x407470,0x30002000,      0x4C
ROM:004054B0 ----------
ROM:004054B0 These areas get cleared (if Len!=0)
ROM:004054B0                       Start           Len
ROM:004054B0 CLEARS          DCD   0x4001E0,         0
ROM:004054B0                 DCD    0x200DC,     0x3A8
ROM:004054B0                 DCD 0x3000204C,     0x190
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