Discuss the upcoming JerrySIM release and options here !


Why JerrySIM ?

Reference to the cat & mouse game. Suggest your better alternative names here :)

What's JerrySIM ?

A special SIM that patches 4.6 bootloader using the STK exploit to enable
firmware downgrade and custom firmwares.

Dinopio validated the patches on 26/01/08 and is the first anySIMed 4.6 :)
See http://dinopio.pastebin.com/f4bf7af86

What are our release options ?

The idea is to make JerrySIM avaiable to the public at a minimal cost and
avoid creating new scam opportunities for our *SIM chinese buddies.

So the release must be coordinated very carefully to limit the risks of having
it cloned before it can be mass consumed.

The following release scenario is suggested

T0 : jerrySIM announcement and video proof, no release

T0+TS : release of jerrySIM as an obfuscated (free registration needed with
phone IMEI/serial on a server) TurboSIM application

T0+SC : release of jerrySIM as a Silvercard code (preferred)

T0+FC : release of jerrySIM as a Funcard code (optional)

TS timeframe : T0 + a few days
SC/FC timeframe : TS + 1 week max


Enter your tasks and planning here !


26/01/08 : dirty patches validated by Dinopio, pending all in one patcher


Due 27/01/08-28/01/08 Zf - clean TurboSIM patch code

Due … Zf + All - Obfuscated TSIM payload

Todo Silvercard/Goldcard (PIC)

Due … : ghost_000 - SIM-EMU based code, optional
Due … : davidc__ - New SIM code, preferred

Todo Funcard (AVR)

Due … : Zf - New SIM code

Press Release :)

Suggest your announcement text here

Hot on the heels of the 1.1.3 Jailbreak, the united iPhone Dev Team / Elite
Team taskforce is proud to announce our 1.1.2/1.1.3 hardware assisted :)
software unlock solution, project JerrySIM for OOTB 4.6 phones.

With JerrySIM, you'll be able to flash custom firmwares on your baseband and
welcome back our beloved AnySIM. Moreover, one click is enough to unlock and
you don't need to keep the jerrySIM in your phone - meet some friends and
start unlocking away :)

Because we hack for fun, and xSIMs are a pain for the community, we plan to
release JerrySIM as a free Silvercard/Funcard code, to let anyone create his
own card at a minimal cost. A TurboSIM version will also be available in the
coming days.

We do not wish to disclose more details about the bug right now, but be assured
it will be commented on when it's time to do so - in the meantime, let our
xSIMs friends and baseband pals have some fun, they deserve it too :)

Stay tuned, even more than ever

iPhone Dev & Elite Teams


iPhone Dev Team/iPhone Elite Team

Add yourself here ! Stupid credits more than welcome, but let's avoid random
bashing even if it's very tempting :p

Chris, Davidc__, Gray, MuscleNerd : exploit payload & bb reversing
Dinopio : testing and putting the first phones at risk :)
Zf : Exploit discovery & implementation

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