A good jailbreak video

Confirmed videos

  • The userland-level untethered jailbreak by @comex is here
  • The iBoot-level untethered jailbreak by @geohot is here

What is it?

A good jailbreak video can't be faked by other means. For an “untethered jailbreak”, a video should meet these requirements:

  1. Unobscured ipod Touch 3G (“ipt3g”) in full view at all times resting on a table with nothing connected except earbuds
  2. Show “Voice Control” app working
  3. Reboot ipt3g using keypresses
  4. When ipt3g comes back, install a Winterboard theme that changes your homescreen background. To make the video even shorter, already have this theme installed and just show it still working after the reboot, with your non-black homescreen background (what shows up behind your app icons).


  • Why an ipt3g?
    • proves latest bootrom is in use
  • Why earbuds?
    • proves it's not an iPhone 3GS (different earbud location)
  • Why run “Voice Control?”
    • proves it's not an ipt2g
  • Why reboot using only keypresses?
    • proves it doesn't require computer assistance
  • Why show a Winterboard theme that changes the homescreen background?
    • to date, this isn't possible without being currently jailbroken
  • Why not “Galaga” using NES.app?
    • cdevwill on twitter pointed out that NES.app can be installed using a personal (or corporate) iPhone Developer codesign license, no jailbreak needed
  • Why “in full view at all times”?
    • many fake videos temporarily point the camera at the computer (or deliberately shake the camera) so that the device can be replaced with another off-screen


A video like this doesn't reveal the actual purported exploit to Apple. In fact, it doesn't even show the jailbreak program itself! It merely shows that a jailbreak program was run at some point in the past, and now provides an untethered jailbreak.

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